Articles about Hearing Loss and Assisted Listening Devices

"Understanding the Terms―Culturally and Audiologically" by Barbara Kelley, HLAA April 2014
What are we?  Hard of hearing?  Hearing impaired  Deaf?  deaf?  Kelley explains the different terms used to describe a person with hearing loss as well as the role HLAA has played in creating awareness about the millions of people who need communication access other than a sign language interpreter.

"Assistive Listening Devices: Solutions for Common Communication Obstacles" by The American Academy of Audiology
Fact sheet produced as part of "Get in the Hearing Loops," a national educational dampaign to increase awareness about assistive litening tehcnologies.

"The Often-Neglected Neck Loop" by Stephen O. Frazier and Sally Schwartz
Hearing Loss Magazine, Jan./Feb. 2013
This article describes inductive neckloops and how they can be used with any device that can be used with a headset, including personal amplifiers, TV listening systems, telephones and iPods.  Bluetooth neckloops and ear hooks are also covered.

"A Rose By Any Other Name - PSAPs vs. Hearing Aids" by Brad Ingrao, Au.D.
Hearing Loss Magazine, Jan./Feb. 2013
PSAPs - Personal Sound Amplification Products are sold online or over-the-counter as "electronic devices" and do not need to be approved by the FDA as do hearing aids.  This article explains what they are, the advantages and disadvantages.

"21st Century Connectivity in Hearing Devices" by Brad Ingrao, Au.D.
Hearing Loss Magazine, Nov./Dec. 2011
Dr. Ingrao, an audiologist in Florida, describes how to expand the use of your hearing aids or cochlear implant.  He covers a wide variety of assisted listening devices and explains how they can help you hear better in a challenging setting.

"Assisted Listening Devices - A Comparison" Prepared for the Canadian Hearing Society - June 2010
Revised August 2010.  By W. Droogendyk
This article lists the advantages and disadvantages of the three large area listening systems:  FM, Infra-red, and Induction Hearing Loops.

"Fade to Silence-Hearing Loss Can Creep up Gradually" by Martina Schimitschek
U-T San Diego, Nov. 2, 2011.
This online edition of the San Diego Union-Tribune mentions our HLAA-SD Chapter and my business.  Gives an good overview of hearing loss and the different types of hearing aids.

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