Portable InfoLoop

The Portable InfoLoop is a self-contained, one-on-one induction loop assistive listening system compatible with all t-coil (telecoil) hearing aids, cochlear implants and induction loop receivers. It is ideal for one-on-one applications such as customer service counters, information booths, meetings, vehicles and personal use. The lightweight unit includes a built-in amplifier, external microphone and induction aerial loop within the housing. Nominal range is 4-5 feet from the front of the unit. Built-in omni-directional mic and AC battery charger/adapter. Three year warranty.

Nominal range is 3-4 feet from the front of the unit
Built-in amplifier
Automatic gain control
Built-in omnidirectional microphone
Built-in rechargeable battery
LED display for visual monitoring of signal and battery status
Built-in induction aerial loop
ON/OFF power slide switch

External clip-on omni-directional microphone with a 10' cord to extend range
AC adapter/battery charger

Price: $295.00

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