ClearSounds ClearLink CL003 Single Silhouette with Earbud


Experience the freedom of hands-free communication on your cellular or home phone. The CL003 silhouette works with a variety of cellular, cordless and corded telephones equipped with a standard 2.5 mm telephone headset jack. It reduces the background noise or feedback between your handset and hearing aid or cochlear implant processor.

This option lets you hear in both ears, giving you better comprehension so you don't have to strain to hear.

Just plug the CL003 into your phone and place the silhouette next to your hearing aid or cochlear implant processor. Switch the hearing instrument to the "T" or 'MT" position to activate the telecoil, adjust the device's volume, and hear what speech and sound should really be like.


  • Works with cellular and home phones
  • Reduces background noise and feedback for hearing aid or cochlear implant users on the telephone
  • Connects to a standard 2.5 mm hands-free jack (an adapter sold separately for phones with 3.5 mm jack)
  • Hands-free operation
  • Built in microphone
  • Strong, clear signal
  • No batteries required
  • Total length 36" (24" from plug to microphone)
Price: $49.95

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